Poultry farm Broiler House Installation required in MEP & Engineering Division
Poultry Services
Need for poultry house
• To protect birds from adverse climatic conditions
• To ensure easy and economic operation
• To ensure scientific feeding in a controlled manner
• To facilitate proper micro-climatic conditions in a near vicinity of bird
• For effective disease control measures
• To ensure proper supervision
Selection of location
• Poultry house should be located away from residential and industrial area.
• It should have proper road facilities.
• It should have the basic amenities like water and electricity.
• Availability of farm labourers at relatively cheaper wages.
• Poultry house should be located in an elevated area and there should not be any water-logging.
• It should have proper ventilation.

A small size poultry farm doesn’t require any special layout as it involves construction of only one house. The medium and large size farms require special considerations for placement of building in the farm premises. The basic principles to be observed for layout are
• Layout should not allow visitors or outside vehicles near the birds.
• The sheds should be so located that the fresh air first passes through the brooder shed, followed by grower and layer sheds. This prevents the spread of diseases from layer houses to brooder house.
• There should be a minimum distance of 50-100 feet between chick and grower shed and the distance between grower and layer sheds should be of minimum 100 metre.
• The egg store room, office room and the feed store room should be located near entrance to minimize the movement of people around the poultry sheds.
• The disposal pit and sick room should be constructed only at the extreme end of the site.