Our contracts are based on the below framework, however, we know there is not a one-size-fits-all
solution. That’s why we believe it should be Your Contract, Your Way. We can combine features of
any framework to ensure it meets your operational and budgetary needs.

Therefore any TAG Maintenance Contract is a great choice to improve the efficiency of your
equipment and reduce the downtime caused by any potential equipment failure.  Whatever
maintenance contract you choose should help to give complete reassurance that your commercial

the kitchen will run smoothly, whether you’re an independent owner-operator restaurant or a group of
hotels or casual dining chains.
We can offer professionally-serviced equipment with a guaranteed reduction in breakdowns and down-time plus full certification on all gas and electrical equipment in line with current regulations. Ensure potential problems are identified and corrected before expensive repairs are necessary. You can benefit from increased cost efficiency with equipment that runs optimally that will inturn save energy and have increased equipment life.

We have a number of Maintenance Contract frameworks; However, if you have special
requirements, we can tailor the Maintenance Contract. Your Contract, Your Way.